New eBay Seller dashboard is now available

As was noted in the Seller release early last week, the new seller dashboard rolled out for all users on eBay UK and beyond yesterday. You can read the announcement here and an email should have found its way to your inbox too.

As the announcement notes: “We promised we’d help you understand how you’ll measure up to our new seller standards before they take effect. So we’ve got some good news. The new seller dashboard preview is now ready. Take a look at your seller dashboard to find out your projected status. You can see how you’re performing against the new standards and any areas that need attention.” As a piece of prose it has a strangely patronising tone. Try reading out loud in a Hannibal Lecter voice.

The revised look and feel is being billed as a handy helper to enable you to monitor and meet the new defect rates that come into force in August. The idea presumably being that you have a few months to “up your game”

Take a look and see what you reckon.