New $1 minimum referral fees in some categories will be introducing new minimum Referral Fees to some categories from the 16th May. You can find the Amazon page with full details here. The below table summarises the changes.

Now, this is unlikely to affect a great many Tamebay readers, as the vast majority of UK and European based Amazon sellers don’t trade on the US mothership site

But for readers stateside this is not just a fee rise headache but also a Pricing Parity problem. Over here in the EU, we don’t have Pricing Parity any longer (whereby you cannot offer an item for sale on Amazon any cheaper elsewhere on the net), but in the States it is alive and well and these changes will require some amendment.

There must also be a note of concern. Often what starts in the US on eBay and Amazon is subsequently implemented on other international sites. Could it be that similar minimum referral fees such as this will be heading our way soon?

New min ref fees amazon