How to Sell on eBay using Magento webinar with UnderstandingE

British based ecommerce consultancy UnderstandingE will be hosting a free webinar later this week for sellers interested in selling on eBay using Magento. You can find full details and register here.

It looks like an informative event and they promise a packed agenda and you’ll learn:

– That Magento only takes 2 minutes to install
– The basic UK settings for Magento
– How to create your first product in Magento
– What attributes are and how they’ll help you list smarter on eBay
– How to install the eBay endorsed M2E Pro extension
– How to list onto eBay using Magento
– And how you can revise live eBay listings easily
– How to process orders from eBay in Magento

If you’ve been considering Magento for eBay selling or just want to explore the various streamlining tools out there, it’s got to be worth an hour of your valuable time.