eBay UK to require extended Returns over Christmas 2014

You can imagine the fun we have at Tamebay Towers. The revels never cease as we plough through the various FAQs and help pages that eBay publishes just so we can find the choice nuggets that will matter to sellers. You lucky people.

And here’s one I missed until this weekend. You can find it on the New performance measurement to reward great service help page and FAQs published by eBay recently.

It reads:

New extended returns period for November through December

For transactions completed between November and December, you’ll need to offer an extended holiday returns period to continue receiving your eBay Premium Service benefits. This includes accepting any returns until 31 January.

You’ll be able to update your listings to reflect this starting in September. We’ll let you know more later on in the year.”

More information will be available later in the year, it seems, and you’ll have the chance to amend listings from September but it’s clearly a push to sell returns as a feature this coming Christmas on eBay.