eBay UK Seller Standards webcast: TODAY, 2pm BST

If you’re concerned about the new Seller Standards on eBay UK, confused by the new defect rates, miffed about the new Seller Dashboard or worried about your recent demotion from Top Rated Seller to Below Standard, eBay will be hosting a webcast today that will hopefully address some of your concerns.

Register here to hear from Dieter Newell (Senior Director, Global Managed Marketplaces) and Ian Crawley (Director, Global Managed Marketplaces) in a webcast dedicated to seller standards. The blurb says:

“Hear about the updates to seller standards from the eBay team. In this session, we’ll talk on the new performance measurement and how best to use the new seller dashboard. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to ask us questions before the standards come into effect in August 2014.”

If you attend the webcast, do pop back here and tell what you thought of it and if any of your concerns have been addressed.