eBay UK Click & Collect – How it works for buyers

This is a guest post from George Kinghorn. He’s a Tamebay reader and the founder and head consultant at www.Bayacademy.co.uk. Bayacademy provide on-demand eBay consultancy and training for clients UK wide using the convenience and speed of their webinar and online training systems.

cc0I was on the eBay site the other day and a banner promoting Click and Collect appeared so I decided to purchase something to see how it worked.

For those of you that don’t know, eBay has partnered with Argos to allow sellers to offer buyers the option to collect items from selected Argos Stores. eBay have been running a trial with selected sellers since late 2013.

So having been attracted by the banner, I found a range of goods available for me to collect. This page can currently be found by clicking the Deals & Special offers link on the eBay home page.

Among the deals I found a set of screwdrivers that I fancied so I clicked on the listing. Everything looked the same as it normally does but there was an additional Click & Collect field that allowed me to select a store to collect the screwdrivers from.

CC 1

This feature then gave me the ability to locate and select the best Argos store to collect it from.

Note this doesn’t just default to the nearest store. This could be handy if your travelling and want items sent to where you are, I’ve personally had to have stuff delivered to holiday park receptions and the like so this could come in handy in the future.


Once I’d selected the Argos store that I wanted to collect from I carried on with Check out as usual. The check out process confirmed which store I had selected.


Immediately after paying I was then able to input my mobile number to receive a text notification of when my item was ready to collect. I made my purchase on a Monday at 12 noon and received my notification text on the Wednesday at 14.29 – pretty swift I’d say.


Subsequently I checked my email which told me that I needed to go to the store and told me the opening times 9-8 Mon to Fri 9-6 Sat and 10-4.30 Sun. So there was a good window of opportunity. It didn’t however tell me how long I had to go get it. I believe buyers have 7 days to collect purchases before they are sent back.

When I got to my selected Argos I found a dedicated collection point and was told by the enthusiastic staff I didn’t need to wait at the tills (this wasn’t pointed out in the emails).
My Item was quickly retrieved and I had a great chat with the guy in the store who told me that eBay collections are steadily increasing and only a couple of days before they had a “rush” when 2 people came in at the same time. He told me he liked it as it brought people who don’t normally use Argos into the store but he hadn’t noticed them purchasing extra items whilst collecting just yet.

He then surprised me by not only asking for my item number and PIN but also for some ID. Luckily I carry my photo driving licence so this wasn’t a problem but I had never been told I needed ID at any point in the transaction. So all in all a pretty easy experience with only a couple of bugs, which I’m sure will get ironed out in time.