Did you see the Amazon documentary on the BBC?


As part of the Business Boomers series on the BBC, they have produced an engaging overview of Amazon, how it came about, some critique of how it is damaging businesses and insight into its own business culture.

You can check it out on the BBC iPlayer (for about five more days and if you’re in the UK). You can find the programme here.

So what do we learn? Quite a lot. I was struck by three things. Firstly, scale. Amazon is truly huge and it’s well worth being reminded of that. Brits spent 70 quid per capita last year on Amazon. That’s billions.

Secondly, Jeff Bezos is an interesting character and notable in being both founder and still CEO. His notion of Customer Obsession is fascinating and clearly at the core of what they do.

And finally, there is still opportunity to get a slice of the action. The show includes some interesting profiles of third party sellers who are plugging in to the Amazon phenomena.

It’s well worth a watch. Did you see it?