4 ways to stay in touch with Tamebay

As you know, we’re here to help you stay on top of all the latest news and information that’s relevant to ecommerce SMEs, eBay and Amazon sellers, industry suppliers and the like.

But what you might not know is that we have put some effort into spreading the Tamebay word more widely of late and you might find these new outlets useful.

Daily Digest
tamebay via emailOnce a day we send an email: it’s a digest of whatever has been published in the previous 24hrs.

Many of our lovely readers find this invaluable. And you might want to sign up too. Here’s how. Just check out the Tamebay homepage, and on the right hand side, a tiny scroll down, you will see a box just like the one here.

Just pop your email address in that box and we’ll send you a daily email. Never more than one. We promise. And if you use RSS, you can find the feed there too.

Tamebay Mailing List
We also keep a mailing list of readers: we send updates and newsletters to this list. We’re not spammers. Usually one a week, sometimes two. It’s a great way of staying in touch with us. You can sign up here and download the guide at the same time too, if you want it. It’s very useful.

Of course, we’re on Twitter and auto-tweet everything we publish, when it’s published. So, if you sweet for a tweet, find us over there: @tamebay

We do much the same on Facebook, if you’d like to connect with us and stay in touch with us there. If you use Facebook, we live here.

We’ve been wondering about putting more effort into LinkedIn. Are you on there? If we connected to it, would you find it useful? Let us know.