20 free listings every month for eBay UK private sellers

Commencing on the 13th May, eBay UK will be dramatically simplifying the fee structures for private sellers.

In the first instance, every private seller will now qualify for 20 free listings each month. Excluding Motors, these listings can be auction or fixed price with any start price. Once sellers have exhausted their supply of 0 freebies, the current system of insertion fees will be swept away. All listings will cost 35p.

eBay will also be offering private sellers the opportunity to schedule 0 items for free each month. Final value fees will remain unchanged. There is more detail on the eBay site.

Also, according to the FAQs, eBay says it will continue to run regular pricing promos alongside this new deal.

This major step for private sellers makes an awful lot of sense and is the latest step in simplifying eBay’s previously byzantine fee structures that were both bewildering and off-putting, especially for the uninitiated.