Myhermes relaunch £2.78 rate for 1kg parcels

It’s a pretty good deal. That’s why we were interested to hear that Myhermes will be bringing back their £2.78 inc VAT rate from the 26th March. It’s valid for parcels up to 1kg and includes tracking.

It’s 20p more for a home collection, but all said very good value if you are happy to pop by to drop off your parcels at one of their 3500 parcel shops nationwide. For me, that’s my local Co-op, about
500 metres away.

And it’s especially attractive when you consider some of the parcel prices that Royal Mail levy for even quite modest parcel sizes and weights.

Check out the Myhermes site for full details.

Now, a price war isn’t a universal delight. It doesn’t necessarily work for consumers in the long run. And we all want to see service standards rise too. But competition in the carrier sector is to be welcomed and I can see a lot of ecommerce SMEs welcoming this development.