Is building your own webstore really a good idea?

In the face of eBay’s recent announcements requiring mandatory managed returns and introducing new criteria regarding defects, many sellers here on Tamebay have said they will be investing in the development of their own ecommerce websites.

The attraction is obvious. It means freedom to make your own decisions, the liberty from rules and fees and the choice to set more competitive prices. What’s not to like?

Well, there are lots of reasons why shoppers like to buy from eBay and Amazon. And it can be hard to find cut through online. It’s one thing building an online store but then also quite another attracting buyers and the traffic you need to make it profitable.

Some off-the-peg solutions are dead cheap but more bespoke options can be fiendishly pricey.

That’s why Andy Geldman’s latest article on Web Retailer caught my eye. He looks at the pros and cons of taking leave from marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon and going solo. He makes a lot of good points. Not least, he notes that it isn’t easy.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t an opportunity, possibility and potentially a huge success. It could be. It’s just that it is bloody hard. The big marketplaces have the money and expertise when it comes to marketing and that’s hard to replicate. Do have a read.