How do you insure your ecommerce business?

Business insurance is not the most sexy of subjects but for many it is a reality. Obviously many smaller concerns won’t bother with such an expense but for bigger ecommerce operators it’s vital.

The question of insuring an ecommerce business was raised by a Tamebay reader who has been in touch. He has just recently moved from a retail/shopfront business into a warehouse facility to fulfill his sales. His attempts to find a specific broker or policy tailored to his needs now a solely online trader. Previously his retail premises policy covered his online sales and now he is looking for the proper policy for his new operation

As he notes: “The broker says that he struggling to find us an insurance policy because we do not have a “written ‘Right of Recourse’ with all suppliers that, if a product we sell to the public is faulty and a claim is made against us, that this would be redirected back to the manufacturer.” Our correspondent only sources from UK suppliers.

Does anyone have any tip offs or ideas re insurance that could help in the predicament? What arrangements have you made?