eBay UK Seller Release 2014: Tamebay round up

On Tuesday we digested, as best we could, the news coming out of eBay UK in the 2014 Seller Release.

There really is a lot of small print (and some ambiguity) and when it comes to things such as the new Seller Standards, the devil (as ever) is in the detail. With many of the announcements, to further complicate matters, the impact will depend on what you sell and how you run your business. It’s difficult to take a universal view.

The good news is that neither mandatory Managed Returns or the new Seller Standards will be coming before August 2014 so there is time for consideration. Other, less controversial, aspects are coming sooner. The Category and Item Specifics arrive in less than a month and will require attention by many.

In any case, here’s a round up of the posts we made yesterday.

Mandatory Managed Returns are coming in the Autumn
With some limited exceptions, every eBay business seller will have to participate in eBay’s own system allowing buyer returns.

New seller performance requirements
Starting in August, eBay sellers will be required to meet new standards of service. eBay have published a new “defects” criteria, failure to meet the new standards will mean loss of Top Rated Seller status and the worst offenders could have their sales limited. Similar to Amazon’s own seller standards, this is a change that will affect many business sellers.

Changes to Categories and Item Specifics
More granular detail would be welcome, but some fairly hefty Category and Item Specific changes are coming in slightly less than a month. Listings will need to optimised to accomodte the changes and that may be a major undertaking.

Fee Changes
Supersize pictures will be free and there are some fairly small changes to fees. Nothing too terrible compared to past years.

Changes to eBay Shops
There will be lots of welcome changes to eBay Shops. Some minor tweaking may be required for shop owners. Basic shops will now get the Promotions Manager feature gratis.

International Tracked Postage Service
It’s coming apparently: eBay negotiated tracked postage overseas. Sounds good but, again alas, we don’t have the details we need on rates to give it a big hurrah.

Odds and Ends
A few changes in Motors categories and the like. Nothing major.

And don’t forget… eBay Collections
We published this last week but it’s also part of today’s news: eBay introduced the Collections feature to entice buyers into shopping. Nice but no work required from sellers.

You can find the full eBay 2014 business seller release.. on eBay. It does have some more details. It also has a lot more fluff. 😉