eBay UK Seller Release 2014: Mandatory Managed Returns for all business sellers

From this autumn, all Business Sellers on eBay UK will be required to participate in the Managed Returns process. As I understand it, sellers will be gradually enrolled in the system. Before you are required to use it, you will be given at least 2 months in advance.

And in the run up to the changes there will apparently be some improvements made to Managed Returns:

• Royal Mail and Collect+ to be available with more drop-off points for buyers.
• Increased seller protection: improved processes to help eBay to investigate reports in buyer cases.
• Integration of managed returns with third-party listing tools.

It’s clear that an unambiguous returns policy inspires buyer confidence and is good for shoppers. There are also legal requirements for businesses.

But the question mark remains as to whether eBay is competent to administer such a programme. At the very least, from what we know of current buyer/seller disputes, it’s safe to say that eBay Customer Support lacks the verve to adjudicate fairly in the event of a disagreement.

What do you reckon?

Here’s the relevant page on eBay for more on Managed Returns.