eBay UK launches Collections buying experience


At a star-studded launch in London this morning -attended by the likes of Kelly Hoppen, Reggie Yates, Alex James and Dannii Minogue – eBay UK launched the Collections feature as seen in action stateside since the end of last year. But enough celebrity froth already: what’s it all about?

It’s rather like Pinterest and is cousin to the Feed, which you’ll see on the homepage. It’s a feature that allows users – curators – to create Collections of items they like and share them with others on eBay. Check out the glitzy selection on the new eBay Today page here.

You have the opportunity to follow different collections and different curators so that in future you can get inspiration from their excellent taste.


The launch of Collections definitely reflects trends we see in the wider ecommerce world. Rich and sensual buying experiences are increasingly the norm, especially in some retail sectors and with specific buyers.

Take a look at a site like ASOS, they have visually stimulating, curated collections on show every day and the same is true of other ecommerce sites. So there can be no criticism of the innovation in that sense: it’s worth experimenting with. Indeed, it’s good to see interesting and bizarre items being surfaced in the collections.

But all that said, I can hardly see this being a massive game changer for eBay.