eBay reports Royal Mail postage printing issue is resolved

We’ve received quite a few emails in the past few days about sellers experiencing problems using eBay’s services involving printing your own Royal Mail postage labels and the like.

Have you been experiencing problems?

On Thursday, eBay gave Tamebay a comment about the issues: “We are aware a few sellers were having problems printing postage labels. This affected a small number of sellers and has now been fixed.”

The difficulties I’ve heard were various. Some people reported simple problems even accessing the service and it taking several attempts to get started on buying postage. Others note particular problems buying specific products and others say they were forced to abandon the process altogether because it was so sluggish.

It would be interesting to hear from people as to whether the problems are entirely resolved at the business end for sellers. Leave a comment.

Glitches happen from time to time and I recall, a year or two ago, something similar occurring. But this strikes me as quite instructive and worrying.

Here we have an eBay product integrated with a third party carriage provider and that wasn’t working and eBay took time to communicate. It’s a pain in the backside for sellers who rely on that service.

Now, with mandatory Managed Returns, announced last week and coming later in the year, all sellers will have to rely on an eBay product that will be integrated with third party postage services and rather more complex than the one that was broken.

That has to raise alarm bells about eBay’s technological capabilities of launching a flawless managed returns system that hundreds of thousands of sellers will be required to rely on.