Don’t forget: Royal Mail prices change today

It comes around every year. But today Royal Mail changes come into force. Headline stuff will be the rise in price of first and second class basic services:

1st and 2nd Class mail
1st Class Letter will cost 62p (from 60p)
1st Class Large Letter (up to 100g) will cost 93p
2nd Class Letter will cost 53p (from 50p)
2nd Class Large Letter (up to 100g) will cost 73p

For the full digest and details of what will be changing today, do check out the Royal Mail website. There’s loads of info there and it will affect different customers differently so do take a moment to check it all out.

It does open up competition though, as quite a few couriers and carriers have been quick to point out.

James Greenbury, CEO of says: “In recent times, the 1KG parcel has been Royal Mail’s bread and butter but the price increase highlights that these days may be at an end. We’ve long predicted this as a result of the privatisation and the price war currently happening is just another manifestation of this. As more of us shop online, consumers are going to become hungrier for the value and flexibility parcel delivery comparison websites such as offer and will increasingly seek out the cheapest option available.”

And it isn’t just them. MyHermes have also introduced a £2.78 inc vat under 1kg tariff. Check out their website for details. And blimey, there are so many carriers out there.

Greater choice and competition is always welcome. But the hassle and research required to get the best deal is not. Basically, the best advice to shop around to find the best deals.

If you find a cracking good deal, do tell us all. 🙂 How will these Royal Mail changes affect you?