Are you getting the most from Amazon Multi Country Inventory?

We’re hearing a lot at the moment about the opportunity of cross border trade (CBT) and how it can be a great growth opportunity for ecommerce SMEs. So it’s good to see how the marketplace channels are responding by developing new services and products to help grease the CBT wheels. And the latest news to catch my eyes is the Amazon’s Multi-Country Inventory (MCI) scheme.

It the latest global trading initiative to come out of Amazon and ChannelAdvisor have examined it and other useful services on their Amazon Strategies blog. For people already trading on Amazon, especially using FBA, will want to take a closer look.

As the post says: “MCI will help you reduce your fulfillment costs and increase conversion rates for products sold outside your home market. With MCI, which is based on Amazon FBA, you can now designate and locate your products in the FBA facility closest to your customers.”

Is anyone already using the service with success? Or indeed not? :o)