Royal Mail price increases coming – 31st March

Newly privatised Royal Mail will be changing prices with effect from 31st March. That gives you just about a month to make any course corrections in reaction.

A first class stamp will be increasing in price to 62p and a second class stamp will soon set you back 53p. There’s a whole slew changes and how the changes will affect you, will depend on which services you happen to use.

You can find full details on the Royal Mail website here.

And for those of you who like to scour the small print, there’s an accompanying document chock full of details that you can find here. 10 pages in total!

One eagle-eyed reader has already been in touch to point out that the new terms say that Large Letter can no longer be used to fulfill an order. And that will be a blow to some sellers (although not 100% enforceable by RM). You might spot some other nuggets. If so, please do share.

What will these changes mean to you? Comments most welcome.

Update: 1/3/2014. Royal Mail have been in touch to clarify that Large Letter rule whereby it can’t be used to fulfill and order is only applicable to Business Mail users.