RepricerExpress now available on

Keeping on top of repricing to remain competitive seems to be one of the big emerging ecommerce trends of 2014 for multi-channel sellers. In short, there is huge competitive advantage in making sure every single one of your inventory items is priced right for the marketplace you’re selling it on.

Now, needless to say, this is a labourious and difficult task when done manually and that’s why automatic repricers have emerged. But using their expertise in the marketplaces in question and also in the verticals you’re selling in, repricers stay on top of whether you’re asking the right price.

And the repricers are evolving. RepricerExpress is now availaable to sellers who use Rakuten’s And kindly, they are offering a free trial and promotional 50% off for the first month to Tamebay readers (valid Feb/Mar 2014 – Ts and Cs apply as ever). When you sign up use the code: tamebayplay.