PayPal open up SDK to developers in 30 countries

Expect to see PayPal integrated into more mobile and tablet apps soon. As of Monday, eBay Inc’s payments arm will open its SDK (software development kit) to geeks and coders in more than 30 countries meaning that they can use it in the apps they are developing. It’s a big step.

What it means is that a PayPal checkout can form an integral part of a mobile device app, processing payments within that app rather than jumping about on to different screens to make a payment.

Now, I can’t pretend to understand or really explain the ins and outs of all this. But those of you of a more technical bent will want more info and the all important details. So Tim Messerschmidt of PayPal is the man you need to hear from. He’s thoughtfully published a blog post on the PayPal site chockful of detail. (Chocks away? – Ed.)

For more of a helicopter view than a Messerschmidt one, ahem, PayPal’s John Lunn looks at the more general details in this news with his own blog post. Roger wilco Broadsword. Danny Boy over and out.