New eBay UK Seller dashboard coming in Feb

It’s been announced in the US on, and it’s coming to the UK too. A new Seller dashboard so you can keep up with your DSRs and the like will be landing soon. eBay has confirmed it’s expected to rollout on this side of the Atlantic over the course of the last week of February.

So what’s it all about? You can read the US announcement here. And that says of the launch:

“Featuring a more intuitive interface, the new seller dashboard has been completely redesigned to give you instant access to the information you need to run your business and maintain your great service record, including the ability to:

– Clearly see your status for both the current and upcoming evaluation cycle—without having to click through to additional screens.

– Receive timely alerts when you’re at risk of losing your Top Rated status or not meeting eBay’s minimum standards for all sellers.

– Immediately identify performance areas that need your attention—all on one page.

– See your seller status for eBay UK, Germany, and your global rating for all other eBay sites internationally”