Meet eBay’s top 1000 sellers

Andy Geldman over at Web Retailer has put together a league table of eBay’s 1000 “top sellers” around the world. And it makes for interesting reading.

He explains something of the methodology in the post itself: “What makes these sellers the “top” sellers? Well, they have gained the most positive feedback in the last 6 months, and they are all Premium Store owners (or the international equivalent such as Featured Shops in the UK). Feedback volume is a useful approximation to selling volume.

Focusing on the last six months helps show who the biggest sellers are right now – it excludes those who are no longer trading. I don’t want this to be an illustration of how many eBay sellers have given up or gone out of business – it’s an unfortunate fact of life that businesses fail, and online retail is one of the toughest industries.”

Now, of course feedback is only an approximate indicator of sales. And is in no way proof of profitability, margins and overall success. But it does shine a useful light. It’s an interesting piece that I think is well worth reading.

What stands out? To me, two key things. We have some pretty big sellers in the UK (including the top spot in this study). Also, several really big sellers to the UK are situated in China and that may go some way to explain why eBay seems sometimes lenient on this type of seller when they don’t follow the rules.

It’s well worth drilling down into his results and data. What jumps out for you?