How badly has the stormy weather affected ecommerce?

I’m fairly thankful that here down in Brighton, that while we’ve taken a bit of a battering, and the old pier is rather the worse off, we have escaped the worst of the weather effects that have proved so grim elsewhere.

How’s it been down your way and has it affected how you’re running your business?

eBay have said in an announcement that: “Royal Mail has announced that some services have been affected by the extreme weather conditions in the UK. Due to high winds and heavy rainfall, there has been disruption to a number of air, rail and road services.

As a result of this buyers and sellers should be aware of potential delays in the delivery of mail. We advise eBay sellers to maintain open communication with buyers and advise buyers that there will probably be delays to their purchases arriving.”

And Royal Mail have got some pretty detailed information on what has been affected on their service update pages.

How have you been faring in this stormy weather?