Ebid launches iPhone and Ipad app

News reaches us that Ebid has launched an app for use with iPad and IPhone Apple iOS based machines.

It currently being tested and is available for download in the Apple store now. Features include registration, login and buying capabilities. Some selling features are enabled but no account upgrade facilities are available yet.

It’s good to see Ebid making some efforts to promote itself with the many millions of mobile shoppers out there. eBay makes something like 40% of its transactions (maybe more) from mobile devices and that’s growing all the time.

It will be interesting to see if this development gives Ebid a lift and one assumes that an Android version will follow hot on the heels.

For my money though, one of Ebid’s key weaknesses its lack of an API. This makes plugging into 3rd party software impossible and means that any sort of truly bulk operations on the site are impossible. The development of the app might be an indication that an API is on the way.

If you’ve used the Ebid App, we’d love to hear about your experiences.