eBay sending mixed messages on delivery dates

Here’s an example of eBay sending mixed messages to buyers and sellers in the checkout flow with the screengrabs taken today.


Exhibit A is the view Item page and the Fast & Free logo if the buyer buys now and pays up sharpish.

Elsewhere on the View Item page the buyer does indeed click and buy and opts for RM 1st Class.

The despatch stands every chance of making it to the buyer if despacthed by First Class today.

Indeed, all being well, the parcel stands a good chance of arriving tomorrow Saturday.

But here is the view in PayPal visible to the seller. (Bearing in mind that none of the time limits have been exceeded).

Here the seller is advised that expected delivery isn’t Monday as expected but Tuesday and it advised that the seller use a faster service to meet the buyer’s expectations.

I’ve certainly heard of seller’s getting Negs and poor DSRs because of discrepancies such as this. If eBay is going to issue advisory notices like this, at the very least they should be consistent and correct.