Could Icahn vs. eBay Inc. be a serious threat to your business?

Rewind. Carl Icahn (who is dubbed an activist investor) has been buying up eBay stock. He may own as much as 2% of the company.

Earlier in the year, as we reported, he was making demands including nominating two members to the eBay Inc. board and also pressing for eBay Inc. to split off PayPal.

At first glance this does all seem fanciful but Icahn isn’t a chap who messes about, it seems. And now the ante has been upped. We could be looking at a serious dispute.

Tamebay has neither the expertise or indeed the insider knowledge on such things to be able to report any new information. But there are sources out there which can illuminate the exact details of this brouhaha much better. It’s a developing story so check out Google if you are particularly voracious for news.

Firstly, Forbes provides an incisive look at the accusations and claims with some evidence of eBay Inc.’s fightback. CNBC also casts some light.

In some sort of amateurish summary: Icahn accuses the eBay board of bad practice and conflicts of interest over both PayPal and (rewind again) Skype. eBay Inc., needless to say has repelled those accusations. Doubtless we’ll see more cross-fire in the days and weeks to come.

As always at Tamebay, we try and focus on what matters to the ecommerce traders who rely on eBay and PayPal everyday for a living and we also think of the many providers who serve that ecosystem. So what does all this mean?

Not much right now. Carry on regardless. But rather like mortals looking up to the bickering gods on Mount Olympus, this may have some sort of trickle down. An eBay/PayPal split up still seems unlikely and unattractive to me though.

But be in no doubt, as millionaires (indeed billionaires) squabble about corporate governance and the like, you are not on their mind. The welfare of your business is not at stake for them. This is an argument about the big bucks. eBay Inc. chaos is a possibility though, however distant.

Shakespeare: “As flies to wanton boys are we to the gods. They kill us for their sport.”