Make a Tamebay tip-off your 2014 resolution

We’re back. But before the year gets fully back into its swing (although you may well be up to your neck in New year despatches), we have a request.

Tell us a story.

We get most of the stories we publish from readers and the companies that serve the ecommerce community in the UK. So, if you have things that you think Tamebay readers should know, tell us. There are no prizes for shyness.

Things that work well:

– Something you’ve spotted. It could be a glitch or experience, a new company or something interesting going on. If you see something, tell us. We try and keep abreast of everything, but that is obviously impossible. And many hands make light work.

– You’re doing something new or better. This goes for ecommerce services as well as sellers. What’s the latest from you? We love case studies too.

– Specialist advice. There are some seriously good experts out there who read Tamebay and we love it when you share your wisdom. Tips, guidance, advice: it all goes down very well. Keep it coming*.

So make it your 2014 resolution to drop us a line. It doesn’t need to be today or tomorrow, but think of us throughout the year. Thanks!

* Linkbuilding SEO types should read this first.