How much ecommerce mail has been delayed by the weather?

There may not have been a covering of snow across the nation, but it seems like the ongoing stormy weather is having a knock-on effect for ecommerce sellers. As I sit and write this I can hear the sea continuing to batter the seafront in Hove.

We’ve had one report from a seller saying that a consignment of Christmas despatches sent by courier and a premium service didn’t make it on time. The courier in question claims that the weather was to blame, according to the seller.

From my own experience, one Christmas purchase on eBay was ordered and despatched well before the big day and only arrived last week. The very efficient and polite seller said that many of her last packages despatched in good time seemed to have been delayed by the weather.

And as the ferocious stormy weather continues to come at the British Isles, I wouldn’t be surprised if quite a lot of mail and parcels are delayed. Combined with all the holidays recently, this is less than ideal.

Have you been affected?