Graftr – A new real-time online directory

When it comes to online directories, there are plenty of websites out there that can help you find help and services such as tradesmen or cleaners and the like. But I think it’s fair to say that no one has really and truly cracked it.

And that’s why I quite like the look of Graftr. It’s a real time directory that not only shows you who is out there and the services they are offering but also some information about their possible availability. The idea being, I guess, is that if you need your gutters cleared out then you won’t need to waste your time calling people who are busy or not currently available.


Co-founder Mark Riley explains how he came up with the concept with appealing candour: “A while back I woke up on a Saturday morning, a little worse for wear, and realised that my mum was coming to stay. My flat was a complete tip. I urgently needed a local cleaning lady. I tried various searches and directories, but to no avail. If only there was an online directory that told me who was near and free now.”

Obviously, this is a start-up and so far it isn’t hugely populated with people offering services, but it’s certainly a service that’s worth watching in the months to come.