Got an Amazon problem? Write to Jeff Bezos!

Earlier this week, we received an email from a reader with an idea. If you have a bit of bother with Amazon, why not write directly to the founder and CEO Jeff Bezos and get him to sort it out?

In short, here’s what happened. The Amazon seller’s account developed a glitch and over the course of three weeks just after Christmas, she was batting emails back and forth with UK customer support and not getting anywhere.

Frustrated by the lack of progress, it was whilst reading an article about Amazon that our reader saw that Jeff Bezos refused to hide his email address and it was in the public domain:

She writes: “I sent the email Thursday, received a phone call Friday and follow up email from his office (I realise it may have been his team opening the emails) – problem resolved Friday evening – now THAT is good service from management team – we knew it was a case of someone kicking a setting to sort it – but were not able to resolve in 3 weeks.”

I have mixed feelings about things like this. Whilst I am glad the problem is resolved, why didn’t UK customer support sort it in the first place? It shouldn’t take escalation to an executive to sort something out. Still, all’s well that ends well.