eBay UK to permit the sale of Bitcoin and virtual currency

eBay have announced that they will permit the sale of virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin, on eBay UK from February 10th.

The change will make eBay UK the first eBay site to allow the sale of virtual currency and could be an interesting signal that eBay is considering the potential of virtual currencies.

From February 10th, a new virtual currency will be added to eBay UK and sellers will be permitted to sell using only the classified ad selling format.

It sounds like an interesting experiment and does raise a more pressing question: might eBay be tempted to allow payments in virtual currencies in the future? It’s not as far fetched an idea as it might at first sound.

Recently, Overstock.com in the US started to accept Bitcoin in payment and expressed themselves “stunned” by the first day’s sales. 840 orders worth over $130k were made by mostly new customers. So seemingly, the move unleashed latent demand. The same could well be true if made took the leap.