eBay UK announce changes to Money Back Guarantee terms

An announcement posted on eBay UK says that changes to the User Agreement will affect the terms of the Money Back Guarantee. It comes into immediate effect for new users and on the 17th February for existing buyers and sellers.

The full announcement, which also details changes to the Privacy Policy and also Managed Returns is also detailed. Find the full text here.

Regarding the money back guarantee, the announcement says:

“- We’ve made further changes regarding the eBay Money Back Guarantee as summarised below:

– The timeline for opening an eBay Money Back Guarantee case will change from 45 days from payment date to no later than 30 days after actual (or latest estimated) delivery date. This timeline change will give all buyers, domestic and international, the same amount of time after actually receiving or expecting to receive their item, to get protection for their purchase with the eBay Money Back Guarantee.

– The timeline for buyers and sellers to appeal an eBay Money Back Guarantee case from the day it is closed will change from 45 days, to 30 days.”

Your view on these changes are most welcome.