eBay: Cassini search now live on all eBay sites

John Donohoe confirmed this week, as part of eBay reporting its Q4 results, that the new search system Cassini is now live across the world on all eBay marketplaces. It’s been live in the UK (we think) for some months although it’s clear that there’s been tweaking and optimisation over that time.

It’s been a long time coming and has been much heralded, and eBay have been very cagey about what has been going on so it’s good to have an unequivocal answer that it’s now out there, everywhere.

But what does it mean? The previous search architecture that was used (voyager) was a fairly primitive and old search solution. Cassini is supposed to provide better, more targetted results to buyers using the site. Plenty of sellers are unconvinced about that. You’ll notice that eBay like calling their search systems after NASA satellites.

There’s a lot of speculation out there on how it works and these articles will likely be of interest:

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I’d say that there are two action points for eBay sellers. Firstly, try it out and see how you find it and discover something about how it works and what items it shows you. And secondly, how are your items faring? As we say, we don’t know exactly how it works, so it’s best to make sure you’re items are showing and getting top billing. If not, it’s time to start remedying that as best you can.