Are you getting the PayPal Merchant Rate?

As a bit of a public service, we periodically make this post.

Are you getting the PayPal Merchant rate? If you take more than £1500 in PayPal payments a month, check out that you aren’t eligible for lower PayPal transaction fees.

Information on PayPal about the Merchant Rate

Last time we made this reminder, we heard from several sellers who were not aware that they were eligible for lower PayPal fees and were glad of the savings they could start making immediately.

Equally, several of them were a bit miffed that PayPal hadn’t proactively applied the preferential rates before. One seller calculated he had spent maybe £9000 in excess PayPal fees over the years. Yes, he was kicking himself.

Why doesn’t PayPal apply this automatically or communicate it more fully to merchants? We don’t know but if you want it, you have to apply for it: all the info is on the page above.