Are you experiencing problems with eBay Checkout?

I’ve had an email from an eBay seller who reports that buyers are having problems with Checkout on eBay and I was wodering whether anyone was experiencing anything similar.

Here’s the problem in short, as I understand it: buyers are putting multiple items into their basket/checkout but they aren’t allowed to pay for them together and have to pay one by one. There is no option visible for the buyer to ask for a combined invoice.

Obviously this a right pain in the backside for a seller, who has to go through a rigmarole to refund payments, reissue invoices and generally faff around to give combined postage discounts etc.

Whilst it certainly doesn’t seem to be universal, the seller in question says he thinks it tends to affect people who are buying using mobile or tablets and US buyers in particularly seem to be experiencing it more widely. But that might not be correct.

The seller in question has been in contact with eBay customer support who accept that there may be a problem but equally have been a bit shy to give a straight answer that this is a glitch they are working to fix.

Has anyone else been having similar problems?