Amazon UK voted #1 for customer satisfaction

Amazon UK has been rated as the number one retailer in the UK, based on Christmas experiences, according to a survey. Amazon have marked this accolade by offering discounts on Kindles.

The relevant page on Amazon says a little bit about the the methodology and details behind the survey and claim:

“For the seventh consecutive year, customers ranked Amazon #1 in customer satisfaction during the Christmas shopping season according to the newly-released ForeSee Experience Index: UK Retail Edition. For their study, customer experience analytics firm ForeSee collected more than 10,000 surveys during November and December 2013, asking consumers to rate their satisfaction with the top 100 retailers. ForeSee ranked Amazon highest in overall customer satisfaction in the survey with a score of 84. More information about the survey can be found at”

It pays to be wary about such surveys and extravagant PR claims but it does seem like a well deserved plaudit. I can’t think myself of a bad experience I’ve had with Amazon as a buyer. Indeed, when my first Kindle developed a fault after 3 months it was cheerfully and speedily replaced gratis with great alacrity.

It also perhaps goes to show that there may be a media hoo-ha every now and again about Amazon’s tax position in the UK but it doesn’t do much to taint the company’s reputation from a general buying perspective.