PayPal buys Stackmob (No, we don’t understand what they do either)

We received a breathless alert and news that PayPal bought a company called Stackmob just a few days ago. The note included a link to the Stackmob blog.

Here it is.

After a reasonable amount of reading and research we can quite categorically say:

1) We have no idea what Stackmob does and how it will complement PayPal. But we think they might make apps.

As Ty at Stackmob says: “It has been an exciting four years at StackMob. We’ve seen the Backend-As-A-Service industry grow from one company to over 40 companies and we have seen mobile technology change the way many companies build applications. Our goal at StackMob has always been to enable developers to build, deploy, and grow their mobile applications, and we’ve learned a lot from you – our customers. One challenge, however, remained constant over time: monetization and payments.”

2) That we don’t have any details of the deal like price etc that would be of interest.

What we do know is that they seem like a wacky bunch and they’re dead pleased by the acquisition. I wonder why? Cha-ching!