Over 60% of eBay buyers leave feedback?

Feedback HomeWe’ve been running a straw poll for the past week, looking at the number of buyers that leave sellers feedback and the results are interesting.

Whilst it’s not a totally accurate result, as it relies on sellers estimating how many of their buyers leave feedback, it is interesting.

Historically somewhere between 70% and 80% of sales would result in feedback from a buyer, but almost 60% of sellers are telling us that that less than 60% of their buyers leave feedback. Over 30% of sellers say that they get feedback for less than 50% of transactions.

Only 17% of sellers estimate that they get feedback from more than 70% of their buyers.

How many eBay buyers leave you feedback?

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One of the reasons for the drop in feedback could quite well be the number of buyers now purchasing on mobile devices. If you use the eBay mobile app – it’s quite difficult to leave feedback, there are no reminders and certainly it’s no where near as obvious or easy to leave feedback as when using a desktop.

This does raise the question as to how valuable feedback is. If 60% of transactions aren’t getting feedback from buyers (and also of course sellers aren’t being ranked with Detailed Seller Ratings, is it time for eBay to revamp the feedback system yet again?

Historically feedback hasn’t totally worked, negative/neutral/positive didn’t split the best sellers. Measuring high Detailed Seller Ratings didn’t work so eBay started to measure low Detailed Seller Ratings. Now eBay are measuring the number of cases no resolved by sellers and are starting to mandate seller service to qualify for the eBay Premium Service badge.

If you had a choice how would you like your performance to be measured? Do you like feedback, do you prefer detailed seller ratings, are unresolved cases a good way to measure sellers or is it better for eBay to simply mandate the behaviour which will get your listings to the top of eBay search?