How nice are Royal Mail posties?

Helpful Royal MailWe love our posties, they do such a great job especially at this time of the year, but occasionally we hear of a mail worker who goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Leanne Preston was the recipient of her postie’s kindness when they spotted her wandering chicken named Windmill, making a run for freedom. They popped a “While you were out” card through her door to let her know where to find Windmill.

Leanne would apparently like to thank her postie, but no one knows who he or she is. Now having posted the delivery card onto Facebook it’s gone viral and even picked up by the US news, although they’ve no idea what a Royal Mail postie looks like so they’ve added an image of a USPS postie.

We may moan about the Royal Mail, USPS and delivery services in general. We may grouch when we fear they may go on strike, but it’s good to be reminded that these are not only hard working people delivering our parcels day after day… they’re also keeping an eye out for us and are generally really nice kindhearted people.

Thanks to Jane at Eauctionanorak for spotting this on Facebook