eBay won’t be investing in “Amazon drones”

Amazon Prime Air HomeThe President and CEO of eBay Inc, John Donohoe has said that eBay won’t be investing in Amazon-style drones any time soon… if at all.

Last week, Amazon head honcho Jeff Bezos released a video showing unmanned delivery drones fulfilling Amazon orders. Tamebay wrote about just about 7 days ago.

Yes, the idea of the drones is fairly ludicrous but not unimaginable. Bezos said that he expected the drones to be available within five years and make deliveries within half an hour when operational. The US aviation authorities are currently assessing whether such drones will be permissible.

Donohoe said of the drones: “We’re not really focusing on long-term fantasies. We’re working on things that will change consumers’ experiences today.”

“Bold innovation is important, but our focus on our bold innovation is around commerce. So the notion of making a storefront window a touchscreen, I’d call that a bold innovation. By having those moonshots be very focused in our area of competence, they can grow to be important businesses.”