Dealing with Telesales

Glenn sells on Amazon, as well as being a regular contributor to Tamebay. Today he talks about the number of sales calls he receives and how his wife handles cold callers:

Telephone FeatWe moved into out current office in January 2013 and that single act was the catalyst for an ongoing series of telesales calls from reps offering us a range of services and products which includes water coolers, credit card payment acceptance software, cheaper utility charges and many other services and products. I have lost count of the people I have needed to explain to that I don’t want to be in their online directory because I don’t want telephone sales enquires.

Then you also have the regulators who want to know if you are playing music to your staff. The TV licensing people have even advised me that my unlicensed office is on record and I face a fine if I don’t purchase a TV license. As if I had the time to watch TV! Like most small businesses we are working flat out and watching the rubbish on daytime TV is not top of my want to do list.

Now I have a reputation as a grumpy old git and when some telesales person calls me by my first name and asks what sort of day I’m having then all fool them when I tell them.

Well my wife, who really is the brains behind our small business has a far more effective and rewarding method of discouraging telesales. She engages the telesales rep in conversation and attempts to sell them one of our products and if they are still persistent after a few minutes she asks them for their email address so that we can include them in our email marketing campaign. Works every time and gives you a little sense of one-upmanship.