Amazon Prime Air – ecommerce delivery by drone?

Amazon Prime Air FeatAmazon CEO Jeff Bezos thinks the future of ecommerce delivery is drones. Yup, every parcel that fits in a lunchbox, will whizz your way within the hour courtesy of an unstaffed flying machine.

No, I haven’t been at the cooking sherry. On US TV, Bezos revealed his dream. And there’s a video.

Tamebay wrote about Flirtey, an Aussie company, some months ago. We thought that might be a hoax back then but now I’m less sceptical. Amazon is clearly investing in this technology.

Amazon Prime Air HomeMy concern now is about success. I’ve seen my dear postie with his trolley dropping off the parcels in my little street to my neighbours. And I have seen the couriers too. Maybe a dozen a day, and more at this time of year.

What if all this comes to pass? The dystopian future is a sky swarming with parcel sized drones buzzing for drop offs. And worse than that, I don’t have a garden. Do I need to paint a landing point on the roof?