2013: has ecommerce served you well?

It’s not quite the end but how has the Christmas rush 2013 been for your business?

Not all of you run seasonal businesses where a November/December rush is vital, but many of you do. Some of you have businesses that will tick right through the Yule season. Some, I hope, will be shutting down and having a well earned rest until January. Whatever you’re up to, how has it been in 2013?

It’s been a fun year and a fine one in many respects. Mobile buying has come to the fore, there are more and more ways to fulfil your orders. It remains a roller-coaster industry full of possibilities, adventure and annoyance. But isn’t that the fun of it?

As Christmas approaches, we’ll be slowing down on Tamebay. Chris and I have things to do and we know you do too. We’re already working hard on producing the 2014 Tamebay Guide and, to be honest, at this time of year the volume of news and changes we have to report starts to thin out.

We’ll sign off completely on Tuesday and run a Sunday service until the New Year. But before that, we’d love to hear your reflections on the year past. The highs and the lows.

What sort if year has 2013 been?