Watchdog on couriers

Watchdog on Couriers lgTonight’s Watchdog program looked at the different service you can expect from different couriers. The worst example was the courier who didn’t even knock on the door, but was caught on CCTV simply throwing the parcel towards the doorstep and walking away (yes it really does happen!).

They also looked at some of the more interesting aspects of courier services when everything does go right. For instance why can some couriers give you an estimated time of arrival and others can’t. Why is Elgin a “remote” place for FedEx but it’s not for DHL, but the reverse is true for Rothes just a few miles away. Rothes is remote for DHL but not remote for FedEx!

Well worth a watch, you can catch the Watchdog episode on BBC iPlayer so long as you’re based in the UK and the relevant part starts around 40 minutes into the program.