Sellers other items test on view item page

eBay appear to have started testing the display of sellers other items above the fold on the view item page.

In the seller information box we’re used to seeing a simple “View other items” link alongside the “Save this seller” and “Visit Shop” links. In the test however eBay have begun to display a “More from this seller” mini gallery of alternative items along with a “See all in same category” and “See all” link.

There’s no doubt at all that this is a good move, I’m just hoping that tests showing the new display with buyers will prove positive and it’ll be rolled out to all items from all sellers in the future.

Buying on eBay is changing, at least it is for me. Typically all of the information I need to make a buying descision is above the fold and I’m increasing not bothering to read descriptions. Half the time when I buy on mobile I don’t even bother to check the description and often for routine purchases on a desktop I’ve got into the habit of not scrolling down to the description either (I know this will bug sellers with their carefully crafted and beautifully coded descriptions, but it’s just how it is these day!).

Seeing your other items above the fold is a good thing for me, it might tempt me to browse your eBay shop or click to see similar items you have for sale in the same category.

Images are key here, the days of Internet text links being sufficient are well and truly behind us, but this is a timely reminder – if you’re still wondering why eBay are so keen for sellers to have great images with no graffiti on a clean pastel (or preferably white) background you should wonder no more. These promotion images are tiny 96 pixel squares and then scaled down to 64 pixels on the display.

What we should take away from this test is basically that if your pictures are full of text, borders, flags and other decorations then they’re quite frankly going to make your own listings look a bit naff.