Profit Bandit – Mobile Amazon Seller Software

ProfitBanditWhen you’re looking for inventory to sell on Amazon the one thing you should know, before you make the purchase, is “will it make a profit?” That’s what Profit Bandit from SellerEngine aims to tell you.

You’ll need an Amazon Pro Merchant account for the Amazon site you wish to use. And you’ll need to download the Profit Bandit app to your Android or iPhone. Then, apparently, wherever you are, so long as you have your mobile with you, you’ll instantly be able to assess whether it’s worth buying stock and if you do what your likely profit will be.

Once you’ve got the app, you can scan any barcode or enter an Amazon ASIN. Profit Bandit will then highlight Amazon’s offer and the buy box. it calculates profit based on 15 factors — cost, shipping, Amazon fees and more and you can see exactly how the profit was calculated.

Profit Bandit was created by SellerEngine, who aim to make selling on Amazon easy with a range of software and services. The cost for Profit Bandit is a one off $14.99 with no monthly charge.

You can download from Google Play or Apple’s App Store and you’ll be set for your next auction, liquidation sale or meeting with your supplier.

Is anyone using it already? We’d love to heard from you.