Parcel2go add UPS 20Kg shop-to-shop service for £4.99 + VAT

Shipping service aggregator Parcel2go have added a new service to their catalogue.

The UPS shop-to-shop service service costs £4.99 plus VAT and once your parcel has been dropped off, they promise a 1 -2 day delivery time.

To find out more check out the Parcel2go website.

It sounds like a useful service to me and the price is pretty good for up to 20Kg in weight. But it might prove a tricky service to integrate into your operations.

It’s easy enough to drop off stuff at your local UPS drop-off shop (if you have one) but then communicating that a buyer must collect same from a shop too might prove a bit of a communications headache. Especially with some of the more intellectually stunted buyers that seem to emerge from the woodwork at this time of year, expecting more miracles than usual.

That said, not least because I live close to one such drop-off shop, I can see it being useful to some. But that 20Kg maximum weight limit is the UPS USP for this service.