Only 11 to buy? Lets say there are none!

Would you be surprised if you knew you had something for sale on eBay and yet eBay told buyers no one had that particular item for sale? John from Viking Stamp Shop was!

If you search for items only from the UK, it appears that if there are less than about 50 matching search results eBay simply tell you that there are none and shows overseas search results instead.

A search for “Denmark Stamps 2000” does just this and eBay display the message “0 results found, so we searched international listings” with an option to “Return to original search”.

Null Search Result

“0” is pretty emphatic, it’s not “Only a few” or “not very many”, 0 is nothing, zero, none. Not only do eBay tell you that there are no search results, but if you click in the left hand sidebar “UK Only” it doesn’t work and still keeps you on the page with no search results.

There is that link “Return to original search” however, if you click that a little magic happens. The UK Only search is restored and in this case the “0 results found” changes to “11 results”.

Not a Null Search Result

The question is if I’ve specifically told eBay that I want to buy from a UK listing and if they have 11 search results why do they make it so hard for me to buy them? At they very least they could show me the 11 UK listings with international listings displayed below.

We know there are great sellers who ship from overseas, so long as we know where we’re buying from we at Tamebay are generally very happy to buy from around the world. If however we specifically want to buy from the UK we’d quite like that option. Please eBay, don’t tell us there are no search results in the UK when there are actually 11.