Is it time to take another punt on eBid?

eBid FeatWe first wrote about Andy of kreativebargains when we asked eBid for a case study or to put us in touch with a successful eBid seller turning over £1000 a month on a regular basis. eBid stopped answering our emails but Andy, the most successful eBid seller we’ve been able to find, got in touch.

At the time he wasn’t selling £1000 a month, but as far as we can tell the £700/month he was selling made him eBid’s top seller. Today Andy is back and has shown us his sales reports and they really are running at over £2000/month which we’re massively impressed by that.

As Andy says it may not be a liveable wage depending on your profit margins, but it’s certainly a decent chunk of income and additional revenue. Here’s Andy’s experience and his top tips for making a success on eBid:

kreativebargains on eBid

As an eBid seller who is doing reasonably well and with some sellers looking for a alternative I would like to share my experience of eBid with you.

I have been on eBid since October 2010 and saw my sales compared to my eBay selling drop considerably. But I had made the decision to leave as I was seeing a gradual reduction in sales and visibility and an increase in costs.

My sales gradually improved from five in the first month to fifteen to twenty a month. Then I started to visit the forums and picked up tips, that helped. After coming from eBay where the traffic was much higher and frankly at times all you had to do was list and you could get a sale, I had mistakenly thought that eBid would be the same. How wrong I was.

One of the regular forum members hit the nail on the head when he described eBid as a platform that was like having a B&M store in a shopping mall. The eBay mall had plenty people who would visit knowing that they would almost certainly be able to get what they wanted, in addition they had plenty of footfall and people would pass your shop on a regular basis and if you had something they liked the look of they might buy it.

The eBid mall on the other hand had fewer stores so fewer people would visit, as it was less likely that they would be able to find what they wanted, and less footfall for the same reason. In that situation the eBid mall will do some advertising, but with less income would not be able to able to do much and certainly not for each store individually.

What would you do in that situation to get people to your store in the eBid mall? The answer is probably that you would utilise whatever the mall offers and add whatever else you can. After all there would be the incentive of lower rents so that the potential to make a profit was good if you could make the sales. This is exactly the same on eBid.

On the eBid forums there are frequent posts that are along the lines of “Been here a month no sales”. A closer inspection of the seller and how they are selling there are invariably things they could do differently that might help the situation. Some of them take the advice that is offered, others do not. In the last month three sellers in particular on the forums have taken the advice and all are now selling.

Andy’s Top eBid Selling Tips:


There is not the traffic, so you have to get people to your listings from other sources. As ebid uploads to Google Shopping this is the key to getting those views. The best way to achieve this is using strong keywords. So here are two listings currently on eBid, “KE7 SG27a FINE MINT” and “ANGEL BUNNY”. There are 81 characters available and these listings use 19 and 11 respectively. The chances of a potential buyer using a search term that matches the title is small, so the items are unlikely to be seen and unlikely to sell.


With the lower fees on eBid there is an obvious opportunity to offer a better price to the buyer and still increase margins. This is another regular mistake that sellers make. Price is obviously a matter for the seller but in a recent example that appeared on the forums a seller had an item listed on eBay at £10 and on ebid at £12. In all other aspects the listing was the same. So if the item was found using a search where would the buyer purchase from? But using this example it is the buyer who loses out by making the purchase on eBay, here’s why’:

Sell on ebay at £10 with £3 shipping

Sell on eBid for £9.50 with £3 shipping

FVF on £13 is £1.29
Paypal fees on £13 are £0.64
Seller receives £11.07
FVF on £9.50 (no FVF on shipping) £0.19
Paypal fees on £12.50 are £0.63
Seller receives £11.68

So selling at 5% less would actually make the seller an extra £0.61 and on eBid there are no store fees or relisting fees. It could also bring the price below the competition on not only eBay but Amazon and other sites with the potential for more sales.

Listing duration

When I started on eBid and saw the Run Until sold option for listings I thought ‘great, no need to relist’. That was the first of many mistakes. This option can be a useful tool for those with listings that are less popular and likely to be found using a search, but for the majority of listings it is a mistake. The main problem is that on eBid itself they are listed below those with a set running time and will always remain below them.

For that reason I use 7-10 day listings. But you can gain even more using timed listings. My analytics show regular return visitors and if a visitor logs on at the same time and sees the same listings on a regular basis, the chances of a sale are reduced and they might stop visiting. I therefore use listings at 7, 8, 9 and 10 days with 10 Auto Reposts. This has the effect of ‘moving’ listings around my stores and presenting different items to potential buyers who might visit on set days.

The items will be listed for 77 to 110 days so relisting is not a regular chore and at the end of that time I can review my listing and make changes if feel they are needed.


It should go without saying but on eBid a Seller+ member gets 5 free stores so it would be wise to take full advantage of this.


I am a regular on the forums and do get sales from there. You can build a rapport and a sense of trust with people that can help clinch sales. There is also a Plug Your Auctions thread that can be used once every day which is great for letting people know about sales, promotions and new listings. There is also plenty of advice on there that I have found invaluable.

If you are going to use the forums then add your store links to your signature as that makes it easy for people to navigate to them.

Social Media

This is not my strongest point but several eBid sellers have reported success that they can directly attribute to Facebook and Pinterest in particular. Recently eBid took on a new member of the team specifically to raise the online profile and this has lead to the creation of Pinterest boards that sellers can pin to.

Everything else

As with any site, images and descriptions need to be up to scratch. And completing the About Me section on the home page, stating terms and conditions, shipping discounts if you do them all help.

My own experience is that taking these steps can get sales on eBid and the site is showing signs of improving. My sales this month are already over £2,000 which might not be enough to make a living but would surely be a nice addition to the turnover of many smaller sellers. In the last 3 years my sales have gone from an average of about £250 in the first year, £700 in the second and £1000 in the third. My target for next year is £1500 and current trading is pointing to this being achieved and possibly exceeded.